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Water Distribution

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Ryan Metts
Superintendent of Utilities


The mission of the Division of Water Operations & Maintenance is to maintain a safe and reliable supply of high quality drinking water to residents and customers through constant monitoring of the system.

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North Augusta's water supply is pumped from the Savannah River to the city's surface water treatment facility which has the capability of treating and producing 14 million gallons of water per day. The city's water distribution system consists of 195 miles of water lines, five elevated and three ground storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 5.05 million gallons of water.

Water Operations Programs

Hydrant Flushing

Fire Hydrant Flushing 

The City of North Augusta regularly tests all hydrants  in a process called hydrant flushing.  Each hydrant is inspected and operated to test for flow and pressure, and to ensure proper functionality in the event of an emergency.  




Water Line Installation

Water Main Expansion 6 

Each year, the Water Operations Division installs and rehabilitates water lines throughout the City.  Constant monitoring of the system is vital to maintaining a safe and productive infrastructure.




Meter Reading

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